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What is a Fuckboy/Fuckboy in Training?

You'll hear these terms often so let me explain. Most important to keep in mind is this: The entire reason behind why I do what I do as Listen to Lisa has more to do with my own sexual satisfactiin than anything else. I train and groom and guide my listeners to satiate my own kink. That being said... A fuckboy in training or "FBIT" is, you could say, a term of endearment I use from me to you. An FBIT is a play thing for me. Someone to be groomed and trained to my liking. An FBIT is earning his keep with me at all times. He wishes to be a source of pleasure for me, and he is open to being programmed, mind fucked and used as I see fit. He wants to perform and yearns to be praised and acknowledged by me. A fuckboy in training is IN TRAINING until I've decided that he is ready to graduate into being a full fledged Fuckboy- and has earned his capital F. Once he is deemed a true Fuckboy, he is in a small and elite group of my most faithful and treasured clients. A Fuckboy has advantages that an FBIT does not. And those advantages are specialized based on his best qualities and what I've found delights him most. There are so many ways in which he benefits that its hard to name specific examples but here are a few: He is given top priority for engagement- he's responded to before others. He may receive special messages, tasks or pictures from me that are developed special for him. And most importantly, he knows the most about me. I share with him my own sexual desires and allow him to perform and serve me in way that pleases me sexually. Keep in mind though that the training piece is a lot of fun and an important part of interacting with me.

What services do you offer?

I'll answer this in order based on popularity: Hypnochat- Hypnochat is a one-on-one is a form of hypnodomming I created which utilizes 3 different methods to guide you into the subspace and train you. Hypnochat includes texting, audio recordings and imagry. For example- I may be texting you one moment and then sending you an audio clip (of my voice) the next. You then might receive specialized images (most often of me) with subliminal commands or trigger words to reinforce your training. Hypnochat is by far my most popular service and to be honest, my favoroite way to engage with my FBITs. For many, privacy is an issue. With hypnochat you dont have to worry about isolating yourself for a phone conversation. Depending on the type of conversation we have, you may not need to do much else than read my words, listen to my audios and view my pictures. I always know how to take the lead and guide you through the process of training and grooming. Phone Calls- Using Skype or Niteflirt I offer live hypnodomme sessions through a one on one phone call. Custom Files- I love creating custom MP3's for my fans. Creating a custom MP3 is a great way for you to engage in FBIT training at any time whether or not I'm availble for a hypnochat session or phone call. I believe in personalization- I hate the cookie cutter hypno approach and so each file you purchase will be created just for you and cover the topics that you and I decide upon. **Aside from services listed here, I love thinking outside of the box. Have an idea? Let me know. I will NEVER do any in person meets**

What are your rates?

Hypnochat is $2 a min Phone Calls (using Skype) are $3 a min Custom Files are $3 a min *My Niteflirt rates are different- please visit my Niteflirt profile to view my listings and rates ** If you're a Patreon member you can apply your discount to any of the personalized services mentioned above! Discounted rates can make an enormous difference!

How can I get a session with you?

Short Answer: 1.) Purchase my Skype ID by sending $10 to any of my listed payment processors. My preference is www.PayPal.Me/listentolisa 2.) Send me an initial message, identify yourself and how you found me. Then attach some type of documentation that you made the purchase ie) screen shot. My Skype ID is (Only after you have sent a screenshot of proof of payment will you receive a reply.) More Details: Whether you're interested in hypnochat or phone sessions, the first step you should take is to purchase my Skype ID. I won't go any further to schedule a session until you've taken this step. I use Skype messenger for hypnochat. Having my Skype ID places you into a more exclusive circle as you have direct access to me and most often will get quicker replies as your messages go directly to my phone. If you have consistent and ongoing sessions with me I will place you into my "favorites" category which means I'll see your mesaages first and you will get first priority for responces. Once you have my Skype ID you can request a session whenever you like. I may not always be available immediately but contacting me there will help us to schedule something. While I typically respond to messages throughout the day I'm most available for sessions at night. I start taking sessions around 8PM Central Time.

How do I buy your MP3's?

I have a wonderful library of MP3's on my Niteflirt page. I have many of them available for direct purchase from me (often cheaper than priced on NF), but not all. If you'd like to see if one of the MP3s listed on NF is availabe for direct purchase please ask. If you enjoy MP3s then you'll definitely want to join my Patreon page. What's my Patreon all about? Look to the next FAQ answer...

Where can I enjoy more Listen to Lisa content?

If you find yourself becoming more and more entranced by me then you definitely will want to join my Patreon! Patreon is a website where creators can post exclusive content for their fans to access in exchange for a reasonable monthly membership fee. Click here to view my membership tiers as well as a list of the amazing content youll have access to. I know that indulging in your hypnodomme fantasy can get expensive- Patreon is an awesome way to have access to regular potent content at an affordable price point. I'm also very activie on my Twitter page. If you like to know whats going on in my world be sure to follow me. Usually L2L news is posted there first!

What is mental chastity?

Mental Chastity is a term I created to describe a chastity device that is applied to your mind rather than directly to your body. Using my hypno skills I can essentially create the same effect a physical chastity device would have- the inability to touch yourself for sexual pleasure. Mental chastity is an excellent opiotn for those interested in chastity but unable (for whatever reason) to wear an actual device. But be warned, mental chastity is no gimmick. Not convinced? Just browse my Twitter or Patreon comments and read the dozens of comments from my FBITs who are locked up and beging for release.

Help! How can I unlock my mental chastity device?

Once you're locked, special permission is needed to unlock yourself. You must purchase my Skype ID for one to one contact to discuss options. Because I believe personalization is at the crux of a good domme/sub relationship I do occasionally make exceptions. There is no cookie cutter approach and no ideas we can't explore. For example- An fbit may purchase an MP3 that's designated to unlock him in a manner and for a price we've agreed upon already When I say price- that doesn't always involve $ but sometimes does.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a subscription website for the creator's fans. Patreon allows creators the opportunity to provide their fans with exclusive content otherwise unavailable anywhere else. I LOVE my Patreon platform for so many reasons but Id say the best benefit of joining is the value! I know personalized services can get expensive- especially if you want to dedicate yourself to fuckboy training. The top tier I offer is only $40 a month (followed by a $20 and $5 tier). For little more than a dollar a day you get access to an neverending supply of my MP3's, GIF loops, exclusive pictures and assignments! You also receive a discount on all of my personalized services which increases with each tier. So whether we have regular sessions or not, you can maintain your training for an excellent price AND exclusive content not available to anyone else. Click here to visit my Patreon page and see what's offered.